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      About Us

      The company, founded in 1985, has floor area of 20,000 sqm and 28,000,000yuan total asset, including 12,000,000yuan fixed assets. We have rectification equipoment with the annual capacity of 25,000 ton, sulfonation refining equipment with the annual capacity of 25,000 ton and harmonic equipment of 25,000 ton capacity. The company also has 10,000 M3 oil-stocking equipment and own port of 500 ton grade with well transportation vehicles. Relying on Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Industrial University and Tianjin University, the company has strong technology and 10 in-service engineers and technicians. We the professional manufacturer of sort of environmentally protective and low arene coal fractions, ink oil, white oil, textile agent and the development of new products, including many provincial products. Our products are mainly exported in Japan, America, Germany, etc. and equity joint ventures and sole proprietorship in China. In 2004, the company passed ISO09001:2000 authentication.

      The company is located in Shaoxing County, where is 5 km away from Hangzhou, 8 km away from Xiaoshan International Airport, and 5 km from Shaoxing Politics Culture Center (the largest light textile distributing center in Asia).

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